Road movie for kids: 'Gauru - Journey of Courage'


_0_Gauru Poster PSD copy.jpgThe festival presents ‘Gauru – Journey of Courage’, an adventurous road movie for kids. ‘Gauru’ gives an exciting view into daily life in India and shows grandiose landscapes. The film will be translated live into German in the cinema by Stuttgart resident and actress Juliane Bacher. ‘Gauru’ is the debut film from the director Ramkishan Nandram Choyal, a beacon of hope for young Indian cinemas.


13-year-old Gauru’s grandmother has not been to her place of birth since her wedding. Her last wish is to go back but it is very hard to reach, is situated miles away and Gauru’s father is not in a position to be able to grant his mother’s last wish. To make matters more complicated, they find themselves in the middle of a drought which makes life even harder for everybody. Instead of his father, it is Gauru who overcomes the hurdles and hindrances along the journey to help his grandmother achieve peace of mind.


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School Day


The ‚School Day’ takes place on Thursday, 21st of July 2016. It is an offer from the Indian Film Festival open to students from the 9th to the 13th grade.

Students can expect to see ‚Ottaal [The Trap]’. The film tells the story of young Kuttappayi who realizes how valuable education is and how unfair the chances of getting an education are. This adaptation of Anton Chekhov’s 18th century short story ‚Wanka’ gives an insight into modern India and tells the story of Kuttappayi and simultaneously millions of others worldwide. In keeping with the topic, the film also goes into the issue of child labour.


The screening gives a detailed introduction of the topic through experts. The film will be shown in Malayalam and English with English subtitles.



The ‚School Day’ is supported by the Robert Bosch Stiftung.

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 Tea Talks


Let’s tea talk about India! Welcome to the country of big contrasts! Our Tea Talks have been part of the festival for more than ten years. What happens behind closed doors in India’s politics is discussed openly at the Tea Talk: Exchange your views and opinions concerning particular topics with interesting and skilled people. It’s the perfect opportunity for all fans of India to satisfy their thirst for knowledge.  While having a cup of tea with an expert, you will get detailed information about India.


The Tea Talks are sponsored by the Robert Bosch Stiftung GmbH. The lectures are usually held in German.





 We cordially invite you to the following Tea Talks:


-   Child Labour and Children’s Rights in India (Thursday, 21st of July 2016)

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-   Water Treatment and Wastewater Management in India (Friday, 22nd of July 2016)

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-   Journalism in India (Saturday, 23rd of July 2016)

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-   India – Country of Spices (Sunday, 24th July 2016)

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Dance WorkshopTanzworkshop.jpg

The mega Bollywood star Shahrukh Khan entertains and excites his audiences, not only with his acting, but also his world famous dance acts which fascinate the always curious onlookers.

Choreographer Derrick Linco offers a 3-hour dance course that teaches Khan’s colourful acts where participants can learn the typical movements for well-known songs. The course is available to people of all ages.


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 Henna painting


Henna painting is more than just a fad. It has been practiced in India for thousands of years and has deep cultural, as well as religious meaning. Henna is considered to be the plant of life owing to its positive effects upon the body. It aids cooling and disinfection and works as a skin and hair dye in addition to be a lucky charm. It grounds the body in nature and has positive effects upon its harmony.

Henna is a paste put on the skin and has a drying time of 20-30 minutes (the longer the paste stays on the skin, the better the results) and thereafter can be neither smudged nor wiped off. The pattern stays on the body for 7-14 days and disappears naturally through the skin renewing process.


At this festival we offer you the opportunity to let Tayyba give you your own henna. Please book your appointments in advance to avoid suffering long delays: 0176/64172549 or,